Dakota Baptist Leadership Network

The Dakota Baptist Leadership Network will consist of groups of pastors, church planters and church leaders who have agreed to form a peer group that will focus on encouragement, creation of a learning and serving community and assisting each other to strengthen life, ministry and relationships.

These groups of 8-10 individuals, along with a facilitator, will meet on a regular basis to learn, share, discuss and encourage each other.  The aim will be fellowship and enhancement of life and ministry in the context of a peer group, focusing on things like:

  • Learning from each other.
  • Encouraging through sharing, problem solving and prayer.
  • Leadership development through helping each other develop strategies and approaches to deal with ministry situations and challenges.

The group facilitator will draw from the group topics of discussion, problem solving and brainstorming that can enhance and strengthen life and ministry.

We believe these Dakota Baptist Leadership Network Groups will lead to stronger, healthier leaders that will impact our churches to become stronger and healthier.

Our prayer is that this will be the beginning of building a culture in the Dakotas centered around networking with each other to build strong, competent leaders that will lead to growing healthy churches and church plants.

To register for a peer group, please fill out the form below.  We will be contacting you as we gather the groups together for the initial meeting.

Dakota Baptist Leadership Network Registration

  • * Please note that these networks are only available to members of the Dakota Baptist Convention.