Wilderness Camp 2018

For Boys 4th grade – 12th grade

Camp Fees: $90 (see below for more info)

What a great camping opportunity for the men and the young men of your church!

For the last 28 years, Pastor Russ Grim, First Southern Baptist Church in Gregory, South Dakota, has been doing wilderness camp in the Black Hills. It is just amazing to see what God does in the hearts of men and boys when they get away in the outdoors and focus on Him.  This camp is for males only, sorry ladies.

We would like to invite you to join us at camp this year.  We will be camping at Sheridan Lake North Shore camp grounds, Ranger Rick camp sight. The camping fee is $30.00 per person. The camp sites here are for tents.  There are no camper hook-ups at this site; you can bring your camper if it is self-contained. We do have running water in camp and there are also toilets in camp.  There are many grilling sights and two fire rings in the camp. If you would like to come and are not sure about cooking over the fire, Russ would be glad to help you out, if you would like to eat with his group and not bring your own food, it would cost you an additional $60.00 per person (hence the $90/camper fee). If you are eating with us, Russ will need to know by July 26th as he will be getting food ready to be packed around this date.

Sponsors, please note that even though it is summer time it can get cold at night.  If your boys don’t have a good sleeping bag, they may want to bring a blanket to put in their bag. We also do some waterfront activities, so your camper should bring an old pair of shoes that he can wear in the water. These shoes should be different from his hiking shoes; if you hike in wet shoes you will get blisters, so his hiking shoes need to stay dry. If he wants to bring a day pack (book bag), that would be fine.  We hike Harney Peak one day and we need to pack our water bottles and we usually pack lunch and eat at the top of Harney Peak. Also, if they have a rain poncho it would be a good idea to bring it. Of course, they can bring their fishing equipment – they will have fishing time. There is bait available at the Marina, but this will cost some money.

In the years past we have had opportunity to go rock climbing or to the air obstacle course.  If your boys want to go to these they will cost additional money, around $80.00.

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