Lending Library

The Dakota Baptist Convention (DBC) has a collection of close to sixty Bible studies in its resource library. In addition to previous materials, the library has had numerous additions added this year. These resources are available for DBC churches to lend.

How do I use the library?

  1. Look at the available list of resources: click here.
    If your church finds a study that is not in the library, make a request and we will try to get it for you! DBC strives to obtain current and relevant studies for our churches.
  2. After selecting a resource, fill out the request form below.
  3. If the resource is available, it will be sent to you free of charge. All we ask is that you pay the cost of shipping to get the study back in the library.
Any lost or damaged tapes or DVDs should be replaced by the church who borrowed them.

Still Have Questions? Contact Paul O’Dell at 605-716-0130.

Request for Resources