Supply Preachers

Below is a list of people, listed by association, who are willing to supply preach.  You will find their church home, church pastor, short biography, availability, and distance willing to travel.  While all supply preachers have been vetted through their pastor, the Dakota Baptist Convention does not guarantee the quality or theological positions of these men.

Vetted Supply Preachers by Association

Badlands Baptist Association

Black Hills Baptist Association

Brett Backhaus: attends Hills of Grace. Reference: Pastor Jimmy Dettman (605-391-3044).  You can reach Brett at 605-786-4458 or

Kenneth Brock: apprentice at Connection – Belle Fourche. Reference: Pastor Stephen Carson (901-493-2856).  You can reach Kenneth at 501-428-6016 or

Ron Estes: attends Christ Church. Reference: Pastor Richard Wells (605-791-5591).  You can reach Ron at 605-939-4820 or

Ron currently works at Christ Church as the Administrative Assistant to the Pastor.  He has been supply preaching for 3 years and enjoys helping pastors out.

Garvon Golden: Executive Director of Dakota Baptist Convention (605-877-1163).  Available year-round and willing to travel to any location within the Dakotas.  You can reach Garvon at 605-877-1163 or

Garvon is currently serving as the Executive Director/Treasurer for the Dakota Baptist Convention.  He has worked for the Dakota Baptist Convention in various roles for over 20 years.  He has a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, has pastored in the Dakotas and Montana, and has served as interim pastor for many churches.

Charles Hall: attends Calvary Baptist Church. Reference: Pastor Joshua Bonner (605-342-3384).  You can reach Charles at 605-545-1828 or

Jonathan Hansen: attends Connection – Spearfish.  Reference: Pastor Stephen Carson (901-493-2856).  You can reach Jonathan at 605-641-6787 or

Wayland Holbrook: attends Rapid Valley Baptist. Reference: Rapid Valley Baptist (605-605-393-1375).  You can reach Wayland at 605-723-4274 or

Chris Orr: attends Christ Church.  Reference: Pastor Richard Wells (605-761-5591). You can reach Chris at 605-430-3510.

Matt Price: attends Calvary Baptist Church in Rapid City.  Reference: Garvon Golden (605-877-1163).  You can reach Matt at 678-602-9370 or

OC Summers: Retired pastor from Rapid Valley Baptist Church.  You can reach OC at 605-347-1257.

Heartland Baptist Association

Julian Burgess: Home church/pastor – Wagon Wheel Cowboy Church.  Available year-round and willing to travel to any location within the Dakotas.  You can reach Julian at 605-461-6727 or

Vernon Dalstein, Jr: Home church/pastor. Reference: Fairview Baptist Church, Pastor Marion Davis (605-290-1407).  Available year-round and willing to travel 200 miles to the North of Aberdeen and 150 miles to the South of Aberdeen.  You can reach Vernon at 701-535-0045 or

Vernon was raised in a Southern Baptist Church in Missouri.  He has been a licensed Southern Baptist minister since 1979.  He resides in Ellendale, ND and is currently an Associate Professor in Mathematics at Trinity Bible College.

Buck Hill: NAMB Missions Director for Dakota Baptist Convention.  Available year-round and willing to travel to any location within the Dakotas.  You can reach Buck at 605-354-4101 or

Buck is currently serving as the State Missions Director for the Dakotas.  He has been working for the state convention for over 20 years.  He has also been a church planter and pastor in the Dakotas.


Northland Baptist Association

Prairie Partners Baptist Association

Steve Martin: attends North Hill Baptist Church. Reference: Dan Andrus (701-839-7283).  Available to travel all of western North Dakota.  Steve can be reached at

Steve has been a member at North Hill Baptist Church since March 1991, and has been supply preaching since 1993.  He has been a school counselor for the past 22years.  Before that, he served in the US Air Force.

Jeff Musgrave: Church Health & Leadership Development for Dakota Baptist Convention..  Available year-round and willing to travel to any location within the Dakotas.  Jeff can be reached at 701-818-8801 or

Jeff is currently serving as the Church Health & Leadership Consultant for the Dakotas.  He was the pastor for First Baptist Church – Langdon for 7 1/2 years and has been in the Dakotas for over 12.

Siouxland Baptist Association

South Valley Baptist Association

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